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-Entry number: 23-"Their physical forms are unable to handle the "Chemical DDT" I injected into them… They just seem to deform into odd shapes… I wonder what would happen if I gave them more "Chemical DDT"? Would they just continue to deform until they become something utterly useless? Or could they turn into something entirely new? I guess I'll try that out later this week."

Game world based on the concept of an abandoned research lab in the arctic

Attempt to make a 3D game world for a school project

First time using unity + can't model very well please bare with me xD

This is only a small prototype btw, so there's not too much to do, but I'd appreciate any feedback so that I could improve this in the future! c:


Unnatural.zip 68 MB


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I played the game but is there an ending? I just seem to wander the lab and read logs.

At the moment there is not sadly :(

There was more logs that would explain the story more (as well as a bunch of other stuff), but unity would crash whenever I would import them, which sucks.

If I ever have the time, I'd like to finish this prototype, seeing as that I have a better understanding of unity now.

Thank you for playing btw c: